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Industrial revolution and human activities produces quantity of CO2 that the nature can’t capture…

The massive release of CO2 into the atmosphere causes severe environmental damage and indirectly causes malnutrition

About three quarters of the EU’s human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are related to energy production, heating or transport – all of which are an integral part of our daily lives. We will continue to need energy in the future, but in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, the emissions associated with its production and consumption will have to be drastically reduced.

In 2021, the prices of natural gas and electricity increased significantly. The European Union is heavily dependent on imports of energy sources, especially natural gas (about 90% of consumption in 2019 was imported) and petroleum products (97% of consumption in 2019). This makes the energy market vulnerable to external shocks.

The solution can be sought in strengthening cooperation and connections between the energy networks of the EU countries, as well as in the use of more and more renewable energy sources.

If you are really interested and want to use „green energy“, the good news is that it is not much more expensive and not very complicated to produce. Green energy uses energy from renewable sources, such as wind energy, biomass (burning straw or timber), small hydropower plants, landfill gas and solar power plants.

The main reason for using „green energy“ is that, unlike fossil fuel power plants, renewable energy sources do not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In addition, it helps to protect the Earth’s limited supply of fossil fuels.

Traditional electricity generation is the largest source of industrial air pollution. With EI’s innovative programs to supply 100% clean energy from renewable sources, you can be part of the solution to prevent pollution! By choosing clean electricity, you can do something positive for the environment today and create benefits for future generations.

Free of emissions of carbon dioxide (CO 2), mercury, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO 2) or particulate matter into air, water or soil. These harmful pollutants negatively affect climate change, mercury poisoning, acid rain and smog.
It does not require the extraction of fossil fuels, the extraction of which seriously damages the earth.
Made from unlimited renewables that will never run out, unlike limited and polluting fossil fuels
Helps protect and defend the environment for future generations